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Invest in Your Future!

The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm is growing!  Get in on the ground floor of this ambitious virtual bankruptcy boutique. The law firm is looking to expand across the United States. The goal is to have at least one affiliated licensed attorney in all 50 states. Will you be the next lawyer to join the firm?

Make an investment in your future! The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC is seeking lawyers to join its boutique as a partial owner of the firm. That’s right, a member of the LLC with ownership rights. Not everyone will qualify of course. The firm is seeking self-motivated, hard-working, entrepreneurial-spirted professionals. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC is a virtual law firm based in Illinois. Members of the firm will be practicing remotely in their jurisdictions.

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-Solicitation to Receive Membership Applications.

To apply for membership, submit the following items:

To apply for membership, please submit the following items via email at before scheduling an interview:

      1. Resume or curriculum vitae.
      2. Legal writing sample.
      3. Official law school transcript.
      4. Short essays answering the following five questions (150-word limit per essay).


    • Essay 1. Why do you want to practice bankruptcy law?
    • Essay 2. Why do you believe you have the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to practice bankruptcy law in a virtual environment?
    • Essay 3. Identify any bankruptcy experience you currently have or will have before joining the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm (e.g., school courses, online courses, independent reading, research assistant, internship, clerkship, moot court, law review, lawyering, etc.).
    • Essay 4. A debtor comes to the office to file bankruptcy after Visa has received a judgment against the debtor and Visa has started garnishing debtor’s wages. How would 11 U.S.C. §362 impact the debtor and Visa upon the filing of the bankruptcy petition?
    • Essay 5. A debtor wants to retain her car after filing bankruptcy. How would you explain her options to redeem the car or reaffirm the debt?

Note: a downloadable .pdf form is available at the bottom of this page.


Should I Apply for Membership in the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC?

Answer the questions below to determine if you have what it takes to become a member of the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC. Lawyers who are applying for membership to the firm should answer affirmatively to most of the questions below.

1 / 20

Do you only want to start a practice until you can find a government job?

2 / 20

Are you a self-starter?

3 / 20

Do you have effective communication skills?

4 / 20

Is your primary interest a steady paycheck and you don't want the responsibility of being your own boss?

5 / 20

Are you able to convince strangers that you know what you are talking about?

6 / 20

Are you an independent person?

7 / 20

Are you resilient to temporary setbacks?

8 / 20

Do you have a passion to do something great with your career?

9 / 20

Are you cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses?

10 / 20

Are you looking to build your future instead of looking for something to do until you can find another job?

11 / 20

Do you have a passion to help clients solve their legal problems?

12 / 20

Are you comfortable practicing law in a virtual environment?

13 / 20

Do you want to build a practice to create wealth for yourself and not someone else?

14 / 20

Are you flexible when a course correction is required?

15 / 20

Are you afraid to talk to clients on the phone or via Zoom?

16 / 20

Do you have a passion to help clients?

17 / 20

Do you know when it is time to seek guidance from a more experienced attorney?

18 / 20

Can you view a temporarily setback as an opportunity for improvement?

19 / 20

Do you have the desire to continuously study a particular substantive area of law with the goal of becoming an expert?

20 / 20

Can you set timetables and stick to them without procrastinating?

Your score is

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Some of the Requirements for Joining the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC.

There are many factors that the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC considers before extending an invitation to join the firm as a voting member/partial owner. As you know from your corporations course in law school, an LLC is not a corporation and is not a partnership; instead, an LLCs is a separate legal entity owned by the owners who are called “members.” The firm is seeking lawyers who want to become members of the firm and not mere associates.

Among other things, an applicant must possess the following minimum qualifications before being invited into membership of the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC.:

  1. Graduate of a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.
  2. Licensed to practice law.
  3. Provided a certificate of admission/good standing to the roll of attorneys licensed to practice law in your state.
  4. Possesses technical competence with laptops/desktops, social media, Zoom, Microsoft Word/Excel.
  5. Passed the Entrepreneurial test above.
  6. Completed all bankruptcy courses offered at
  7. Earned a “Bankruptcy Scholar” certificate from National Bankruptcy Academy by passing the 250-question Bankruptcy Scholar exam offered thru the Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass at
  8. Earned a “SBM Bankruptcy Scholar” certificate from Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass by passing the 300-question SBM Bankruptcy Scholar exam offered at

Join the List of Successful Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Join a bankruptcy boutique law firm – as an owner.

Feel appreciated by clients who are truly thankful you saved them from crushing debt. Give clients a financial fresh start in life — debt-free from credit cards, medical bills, vehicle repossessions, and foreclosure. Instead of working with clients who grudgingly pays their invoices, start helping clients who pay in advance and thank you from the bottom of their heart.

Benefits of Joining the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC.

Joining the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC is the perfect avenue to jump-start a new career. Why be an associate when you can be an owner with voting rights? Consider the following benefits:

  1. Become a partial owner of the firm.
  2. Get a mentor for collaboration.
  3. Develop substantive legal skills that clients need and for which they will pay you.
  4. Earn professional certificates so you can be immediately recognized as a qualified attorney.
  5. Project professionalism utilizing the firm’s client-friendly website, professional email address, and personalized business cards.
  6. Project additional professionalism with your own personalized web page.
  7. Collaborate with firm lawyers in the easy-to-use discussion board forum. Search the network for assistance and guidance instead of re-inventing the wheel.
  8. Utilize client communication software to track communications with prospects and clients.
  9. Learn how to generate clients with various legal marketing techniques and enjoy real-world marketing samples.
  10. Learn how rainmakers close the deal during the initial consultation and generate profits.

Develop Substantive Legal Skills - Build a Skill Set that Clients Need and Earn Legal Fees.


Clients pay for legal solutions. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm in conjunction with can help you develop substantive legal skills so you can provide solutions and earn substantial legal fees. You don’t go to a doctor because he is smart. You go to a doctor because he offers solutions. Take courses, view videos, and attend webinars. Build a skill set starting today!

  • 121 Courses. Learn substantive skills that are marketable to clients who pay you legal fees. These courses are designed as “how-to” instruction guides. Take the courses and be competent to practice. Learn to practice law on a day-to-day level. Be ready to accept clients and profit from your law school education.
  • 136 Videos.  Enjoy “how-to” videos that compliment online learning with line-by-line legal analysis of legal documents.
  • 35 Years.  All courses are taught by an attorney with 35 years of legal experience.
  • Certificates.  Earn the bankruptcy scholar certificate by passing the 500-question bankruptcy examination offered at The 121 courses will prepare you for the exam.
  • Pace.  Learn at your own pace. Speed through all courses or take the courses slowly over time.

Professional Certificates - Be Immediately Recognized as a Qualified Attorney.


Professional certificates allow you to be immediately recognized as a qualified attorney by prospective clients. Professional certificates are hard to earn, requiring diligence and intensive study. But the reward is fantastic. The intensive study builds legal skills that allow you to provide solutions to prospective clients’ problems. The professional certificates announce to the prospects that you have skill to help them — and certificate holders do!

  • Earn the “NBA Scholar” certificate offered by the National Bankruptcy Academy by passing the 250-question online examination.
  • Earn the “SBM Bankruptcy Scholar” certificate offered at by passing a different 250-question online examination.
  • Be recognized by peers and prospective clients as a top qualified bankruptcy.
  • Enhance your credibility when involved in speaking engagements, publications, or client prospecting.


  • Proudly display your certificate logo on your:
  1. personalized webpage;
  2. email signature line;
  3. letterhead;
  4. marketing materials;
  5. curriculum vitae.

Project Professionalism.


Professionalism is vital in the practice of law. Prospective clients will not engage you if they suspect you are anything less than professional. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC helps you project professionalism. You can send prospects to a client-friendly website for more information about your area of specialization. You can send prospective clients to your own personalized web page where you have nearly unlimited space to display your talents. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm gives you a personalized email address.  You also receive business cards displaying your name, phone, email address, and personalized webpage. That projects professionalism.

  • Client-Friendly Website. Send prospective clients to the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm’s client-friendly website.
  • Personalized Web Page. Customize your personal web page by using the easy-to-navigate “Directory Submission Form.” Show clients how qualified you are. You control the content of your own page. See the section below for further details. You can add the URL of your own personal page to your business card, email signature block, and all marketing materials. Your personal URL would be / directory / lastname-firstname.
  • Professional Email Address. It’s amateurish to use your personal Gmail or university email account for business. Receive a customized email address to project added professionalism. Your email address would be [your name] Cement yourself as a professional by using a branded email address.
  • Business Cards. Receive customized business cards to distribute to family, friends, referral sources, networking contacts, prospective clients, and of course clients! Cards identify your name, phone number, URL of your personalized web page, and professional email address.
  • Email Signature Block. Use your email signature block as a marketing opportunity. Every email you send should be from your professional email address (see above). The block should provide the URL of your personalized web page, your email address, and your phone number. The email signature block appears on every email you send. Think of it as free marketing!

Personal Web Page - Tell Prospective Clients All About Yourself.


Your personalized webpage is the heart of your web-presence. Prospects will almost certainly study your webpage before engaging you and paying you. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm allows you to personalize your page with an easy-to-navigate submission form. Project professionalism and connect with your prospects. They see your picture, contact information, licenses, certificates, educational background, legal practice areas, geographical service areas, work experience, volunteer experiences, and more. You can create and upload a YouTube video about yourself. And, of course, you can describe your legal practice and explain how you provide solutions to clients.

  • Personalized Webpage. You create your own personalized webpage by using the easy-to-navigate “Directory Submission Form.”
  • Lawyer’s Picture. Upload a picture of yourself to the directory so that prospective clients can better feel for who you are. Your personal photo increase your ability to connect with prospective clients and be remembered.
  • Authenticity. Authenticity is essential for client generation. Prospects want to connect with you as a person – a personal photo opens the door.
  • Contact Information. Provide prospective clients with your phone number, email address, website URL, and social media links.
  • General Section. List your licenses and certificates. Display your educational achievements, including undergraduate degrees and law degree.
  • Law Practice Description. Describe your practice in a narrative format. Add paragraph after paragraph reflecting your background, skill, and qualifications. Highlight successes and achievements. Discuss solutions you can provide to prospective clients so they are enticed to contact you and hire you.
  • Service Areas. List the cities, towns, and counties from which you would accept clients.
  • Experience: Identify any prior work experience that could encourage prospective clients to hire you.
  • Video.  Create and upload a YouTube video for prospects to better understand how you can help solve their problems.
  • Volunteer Experience. Discuss volunteer experiences that demonstrate your compassion to help people in need.

Lawyer-to-Lawyer Forum - Collaborate with Other Lawyers.


You’re not alone. Join the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm’s online legal forum where members can ask and answer questions, receive referrals, and network/connect with other members. Collaboration is the key to success for younger lawyers. Avoid re-inventing the wheel on issues. Learn from a network of members who have already gone through the experience. Talk about marketing strategies, firm mechanics, substantive legal issues, and more. A discussion board is a perfect place to ask questions to fellow attorneys. Work together while practicing independently. Save money and learn from each other.

  • Collaboration. Collaborate with other lawyers and brainstorm ideas, find solutions, and connect.
  • Discussion Board Forum. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Pose a question and wait for suggestions to come flowing in. But it’s a two-way street. Provide suggestions as much as you ask questions.
  • Private Discussions. The discussion forum is for the use of the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm members only. Only members can pose questions and only members can suggest answers. All questions and answers are located behind a paywall.
  • Novel Issue of Law. Sometimes a novel legal issue arises that stumps the average lawyer. Reach out to the discussion forum and inquire whether other members have had the same issue. Learn how other members resolved the novel issue. Save time on legal research and increase profitability.
  • Client Development. Share marketing ideas with fellow members. Did you get a great result from a particular marketing campaign? If so, share your success with fellow members. Looking for a new marketing campaign? Learn from other members what worked for them and consider adopting the same marketing campaign to your practice.

Client Communication Software - CRM for Relationship & Activity Management.


Lawyers are required to keep track of communications with prospects and clients. Nobody’s memory is good enough to remember hundreds and hundreds of communications throughout the years. Jotting notes a yellow pad is not enough and will soon be overwhelmed. CRMs were designed specifically to solve this problem. Over the years, CRMs have increased their firepower and expanded their services to help lawyers manage their practice. Take advantage of the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm’s CRM portal.

  • What is a CRM? CRM is an acronym for “customer relationship management.” The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm provides your own online CRM portal that you can use to access the CRM from anywhere 365/24/7.
  • Client & Prospect Management. You have a single source of truth to better understand your contacts, clients, and prospective clients. The CRM helps you to engage them and to provide exceptional legal service.
  • Notes & History Management. Your CRM keeps a detailed record of interactions with contacts, clients, and prospects so you have a full picture of each relationship.
  • Task & Activity Management. Your CRM tracks and prioritizes calls, meetings, and to-dos associated with your contacts, clients, and prospects.
  • Calendar. Track what you have planned for the day, week, or month from your CRM calendar.
  • Status Dashboard. Always have your client relationships, to-do’s, and business insights at your fingertips so you can keep a pulse on your business and take action where it matters most.
  • Mobile App. Stay connected to key details from wherever you work with the CRM’s mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  365/24/7 access. Perfect for virtual offices and lawyers on-the-go.

Client Generation - How to Attract Clients Who Pay Legal Fees.


Generating clients in essential for survival. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm will teach you how to market to prospective clients so you can earn the profits you desire. Most law schools don’t teach students how to market so should take multiple courses on marketing to clients. Specific marketing examples are provided.

  • Legal Marketing. Become a rainmaker. Generate more clients than you can handle with the legal marketing techniques presented in the  online legal marketing courses at Collaborate with other members to discuss what marketing practices work and what to avoid.
  • Market Research. Learn how to conduct market research to determine the best audience to target and how to make your marketing message stand out to your targeted audience.
  • Referral Marketing. Learn techniques to super-charge your referral marketing strategy that utilizes recommendations and word-of-mouth to expand your client base.
  • Direct Marketing. Direct marketing has power potential when your target audience has been identified during the market research phase. Marketing sent via the US Postal Service offers you the ability to target a niche audience and to provide that audience with detailed information about you and the legal services you provide.
  • Email Marketing. Save marketing dollars and postage by sending emails to referral sources and prospective clients. Email is free and pack a powerful punch.
  •  Social Media Marketing. Generate clients by marketing your firm’s services through personalized public interaction. Social media marketing drives traffic to your personalized webpage while boosting overall firm awareness and customer loyalty. You achieve this by using a variety of methods on various social media platforms, from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to Snapchat and everything in between.
  • Marketing Courses. Take separate courses on LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google Ads Marketing, and Facebook Marketing.
  • Sample Forms. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm offers specific sample marketing pieces for you to copy and use in your own marketing campaign. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take our marketing samples and run to the bank!

Blogging Opportunities - Build a Client Base and Generate Referrals.


Professional blogging is not for fun and games. Professional blogging at its core is marketing your personal brand. Only professional content should be posted. Leave personal commenting to your personal social media accounts. Professional blogging is serious business. Prospective clients Google problems that they have in search of solutions. Generate blog posts that provide those solutions and generate clients. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm provides you the forum with a link to your personalized webpage with your personalized contact form.

  • Blogging Opportunities. You are welcome to blog frequently, if not daily. You can submit your blog postings directly from the online blog submission form.
  • Client Generation. Blogging is an effective method of reaching prospective clients. May prospects conduct a google search to solve their legal problems. Write blogs about the solutions with a link to your exclusive directory page or alternative website in the bio section of the blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Blogging helps drive traffic to your exclusive directory page or website. The more you blog the more Google’s search engine “crawlers” will find your blog posts and add them to the Google search results – making it easier for prospective clients to find you.
  • Branding. Blogging is an effective way to develop your brand while giving your brand a voice. Why are you special? Are you a go to person on a certain topic? Blogging can help you establish yourself as an industry thought leader. Or position yourself as an expert in the field.  Don’t forget to disclose the legal certificates earned from National Bankruptcy Academy or National Offer in Compromise Academy.

Client Sales - Close the Deal & Profit.


Your marketing campaign worked and prospective clients are calling you. Now what? www.Schaller-Bankruptcy-Masterclass teaches you the skills to become a rainmaker who converts “leads” into “revenue.” Learn how to close the deal and convince prospects that you are the ideal lawyer to solve their legal problems.

  • Become a Rainmaker. Rainmakers understand that generating clients is the most important factor for achieving success. Great legal skill without clients results in failure. Clients pay the rent, keep the electricity on, provide salaries, power computers, and fund marketing.
  • Rainmaking v. Marketing. Successful marketing strategies prompt prospective clients to contact you. But contact is only half way home – and is not the same as generating revenue. Rainmakers close the deal and convert prospects into paying clients.
  • Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak. Learn the techniques rainmakers use to focus your initial consultation on the legal solutions you can provide.  Solutions are the “Sizzle” that must be front and center during the consultation with prospects.  The “Steak” is the explanation of how you will achieve the solutions. Leave the “Steak” out of the conversation.  This is hard for newly-minted lawyers because they have just spent three years of their lives focusing only on the “Steak.”
  • Prospect’s Mindset. The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm will help you understanding the prospect’s mindset, which is critical for selling legal services effectively. The more a rainmaker understand the prospect’s apprehensions, needs, and desires, the easier it is to consummate the engagement.
  • Designing Your Sales Process. Learn how to design your sales process from start to finish. Leave nothing to chance. Study how rainmakers dynamically designed their selling processes.  Understand the six steps to success: need analysis, question probing, need awareness, need solution, trial closing, and need satisfaction.

Law Firm Formation & Mechanics - Fundamentals of Starting a Firm.


Lawyering is a business. Like any other business, you have to understand the Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm’s legal structure. www.Schaller-Bankruptcy-Masterclass educates you on the pros and cons of each type of legal structure. Tax considerations are also discussed. Banking requirements must be followed, virtual leasing arrangements made, and technology needs solved.

  • Legal Structure. Before you begin practicing you need to understand the various legal structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and professional corporation. Study the courses to learn the advantages, disadvantages, liability issues, and other factors.
  • Tax Considerations. www.Schaller-Bankruptcy-Masterclass provides course material that helps you understand the tax consequences of each legal structure.
  • Banking Requirements. Take the course on banking requirements and learn the difference between a bank “operating” account and a bank “client trust fund” account.
  • Leasing. Virtual attorneys don’t need a physical office anymore, except for meeting with clients. Study the course that explains how to utilize a “virtual office” provider to use a professional-looking office for client meetings only.  Save money and project professionalism.
  • Technology. Newly-minted lawyers are far more technologically savvy than more-seasoned lawyers. Nonetheless, www.Schaller-Bankruptcy-Masterclass offers a technology course that discusses the following: computer needs (laptop, desktop, iPad, etc.); software needs (Microsoft Office software, remote software, backup software, etc.); peripheral devise needs (printer, scanner, external backup, etc.).